University of Bahrain – Bahrain

Chair holder: Prof. Dr. Ahmad ABU-HILAL
Full Chair title: UNESCO-Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair in Environment and Sustainable Development

Address: Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) University of Bahrain - P.O. Box 32038 - BAHRAIN
Telephone: +(973) 782 306 / 782 357
Fax: +(973) 683 278
Other contact person: Dr. Jameel ABBAS, Dean, Scientific Research
Date created: 2000

The Ecotechnie Chair at the University of Bahrain has developed an M.Sc. Program in Environment and Sustainable Development. This program, which started in September 2002, strives to prepare a new generation of policy-makers who are knowledgeable about complex environmental problems and their solutions, with a particular focus on integrated coastal zone management and the needs and challenges of small island states.

The Chair was instrumental in gathering representatives of different disciplines and colleges within the University and helped bring together their opinions and attitudes toward education, training and research on the issue of environmentally sustainable development.

Further activities of the Chair involve the organization of technical workshops on topics such as the assessment of economic benefits of ecosystem goods and services, innovative means of financing biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, as well as ecotourism.

The UNESCO-Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair at the University of Bahrain, which benefits from a UNDP-funded project, is one of the founding members of the Arab Region Ecotechnie Network (AREN). The Chair is also contributing to efforts towards establishing the first UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserve in Bahrain.