Technical University of Moldova – Moldova

Address: Technical University of Moldova 39, bd. Dacia, Kishinev MD - 2060 MOLDOVA
Telephone: +(373-2) 77 38 22
Fax: +(373-2) 24 71 04
Other contact person: Dr. Sergiu CALOS
Date created: 1998

The UNESCO-Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair at the Technical University of Moldova has been involved in the establishment of the University’s undergraduate diploma in Environmental Engineering and Management.

Some 200 students are currently enrolled in the following courses within the Environmental Engineering and Management program: general biology, microbiology and ecology, hydrodynamics and mass transfer phenomena, atmospheric physics and hydrology, hydro-technology and water management, water supply and sewerage systems of settlements, environmental law, air pollution control, wastewater treatment plants, treatment and disposal of wastewater sludge, production systems engineering, solid wastes recycling, treatment and disposal, environmental management and policies, environmental monitoring and control, as well as environmental impact assessment.

Further activities of the Chair involve the organization of a new interdisciplinary Ph.D. programme in Aquatic Resources Management and Protection.