San Martin University – Argentina

Chair holder: Prof. Dr. Alberto MORAN
Full Chair title: UNESCO-Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair in Ecotechnology, Ecology and Environmental Management

Address: General San Martín National University- Graduate School Parana - 145, 3rd floor - C1017AAC Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
Telephone: +(54-11) 43 74 07 61 / 83 89 / 73 00
Fax: +(54-11) 43 72 32 89 / 41 26 / 63 99
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Date created: 1998

The Ecotechnie Chair at the General San Martín National University is actively supporting research and educational curricula within the University’s two programs on Environmental Management: the one-year Specialization Program and the two-year Master’s Program. The aim of these programs is to provide students with the necessary tools for environmental management and for the analysis of political, economical, administrative, legal and organizational aspects required for the design and evaluation of sound environmental policies.

The Master’s degree in Environmental Management covers a wide range of fields, including environmental policy, law, economics, education, development planning, environmental impact assessment, management of natural resources and protected areas. The Master’s Program also focuses on environmental project management. Since 1999, 16 students have successfully graduated from this program.

The Chair organizes seminars on a range of issues, such as environmental indicators and strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. In collaboration with external institutions and other Argentinean universities, the Ecotechnie Chair is preparing future research projects on the distribution of contaminants in natural systems, as well as on the design and implementation of environmental policies at the local level.