Cousteau/National Geographic Expedition in the Mediterranean Sea

Cousteau/National Geographic Expedition in the Mediterranean Sea

The Cousteau Society and National Geographic scientists and filmmakers today launch a unique expedition from Marseille, France, aboard Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s legendary research vessel Alcyone to explore the Mediterranean now — and in the past.

The expedition forms part of National Geographic Fellow Dr. Enric Sala’s research to establish baselines of ocean health. Working with Pierre-Yves Cousteau, Jacques’ youngest son, the voyage will use historical footage from Cousteau’s work from the 1940s as well as new footage to capture a unique snapshot: the Mediterranean then and now.

The expedition will set an easterly course from Marseille, to the Scandola Nature Reserve in Corsica to the Medes Islands in Spain and finally Cabrera National Park south of Mallorca.

The expedition aims to assess current science about the health of the Mediterranean, including abundance of large fish and precious red coral, which have been exploited for millennia. Sala and Cousteau will report findings to national and community leaders as well as online via National Geographic and The Cousteau Society throughout 2010.

Pierre - Yves Cousteau is telling you the story of the everyday life and researchs during the expedition ! Click on Next
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The team - by Pierre-Yves Cousteau

The Cousteau crew and Nat Geo team are getting along marvelously. Enric is a brilliant expedition leader and Patrice an exceptional ship captain. Our cook, Pascal, is keeping us all in very high spirits with his exquisite cuisine. “The technology of the Alcyone is surpassed only by its cuisine” one can read in the kitchen.

Leo and Manu are the underwater cameramen. They are amazing artists with fascinating stories about their past expeditions with Nat Geo they recount around dinner. Dave is a hyperbaric safety specialist and underwater photographer who is always helping out on board. Neil is a land cameraman who joined us in Scandola and will be shooting above the water for the rest of the mission. Joaquim, a good friend of Enric and marine biologist has will join us in Scandola to help point out the areas of interest in the reserve.

Frank is one of the original Cousteau Divers who has been diving on board Alcyone for almost twenty years. Romain, our chief engineer, was part of a Cousteau expedition in New Caledonia in 1992. That’s when we first dived together! I was just 10 at the time and I have to admit I hardly remember. Last but not least, Fabrice is a skilled sailor who packs a strong Tarot game!