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Whales the winners at International Court of Justice

The Cousteau Society, observer at the Interational Whaling commission and involved in the battle against commercial whaling, welcomes the ruling of the International Court of Justice on the legality of Japan’s ‘scientific’ whaling program.

The UN's International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that the Japanese government must halt its whaling program in the Antarctic. This is a clear win for the whales!

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With the support of Cousteau Divers, Santorini adopts a marine sanctuary

The professional fishermen of Santorini gave their unanimous approval for the creation of a marine protected area on March 15th 2014.

After several years of discussions and consensus building with the local stakeholders, this agreement is the first step in the establishment of a sanctuary on Santorini.

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Spring Clean up for Alcyone!

Francine Cousteau, President of The Cousteau Society, had been pleased to welcome a team of volunteer divers aboard Alcyone to clean her hull, in the port of Caen (France), Alcyone’s home port since 2009.

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Coral reefs: A Tree of Life that Needs Protecting

An international study published in Current Biology shows that human population density has a more marked impact on the phylogenetic and functional diversity of species than it does on species richness. As well as causing species loss, man has thus considerably reduced the diversity of functions performed by fish communities and diminished the wealth of their evolutionary history.

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1 400 000 trees for Easter Island

Francine Cousteau, President of the Cousteau Society and the Minister of Agriculture of Chile signed on April 16 a historic agreement with the Rapa Nui people representatives to reforest the eroded lands of Easter Island.

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The first hybrid Manta ray has been identified off the Red Sea coast of Sudan following a pioneering research trip in late 2012 carried out by scientists from The Cousteau Society, The Deep and The University of Windsor in collaboration with Sudan’s Wildlife Conservation General Administration, The Red Sea University and The Red Sea State Government.

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Sudan expedition 2013: Observation of a COUSTEAU DIVER by Burçak Öztekin

I come from Ankara, an inland capital city located in the heart of a country surrounded by water on three sides, the city well known to have trained majority of the divers n

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Creation of a Steering Commitee for the reforestation of Rapa Nui

In the presence of Francine Cousteau, President of The Cousteau Society, Executive Director Eduardo Vial of CONAF and Aida Baldini Forest Manager at CONAF, a Steering Committee was established for the project of ecological restoration of Easter Island. The creation of this working group is one of the first stages of the project, after the cooperation agreement between CONAF and The Cousteau Society was signed on April 17th.

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Alcyone invited to the 1st Meeting of Innovative Craft in Deauville

Alcyone will be one of the special guest to the1st meeting of innovative craft which will be held in Deauville (France) this week end (13 to15 July 2013).


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A new Marine Protected Area in New Caledonia

New Caledonia announced the creation of a Marine protected area by April 2014. The MPA will include the whole New Caledonian exclusive economic zone (1 300 000 square kilometers) and the Coral Sea. This project, which will be formalized in April 2014 at the Oceania 21 conference, will involve all Caledonians and ensure a sustainable economic development of the island.

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Sudan expedition 2013: A blazing experience by Lisa Capelli

When I received the e-mail by the Cousteau Society that said: “Your are the two Cousteau Divers that have been selected for the Shark expedition in Sudan”, I couldn’t believed! It was a dream that I had always desired!!!!!

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A new study is calling on the world's sailors to help map the oceans' phytoplankton.

Researchers from the Plymouth University's Marine Institute have developed an app for people to submit readings from Secchi disks - a method used since 1865 to measure the abundance of phytoplankton.

The team hopes the data will help them understand what is happening beneath the waves.

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