100th Anniversary of Captain Cousteau’s birth - Submit your proposal!

3 March 2010

Jacques-Yves Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910, in Saint André de Cubzac, Gironde in France. One hundred years later, we are celebrating the anniversary of the man who made an indelible impression on our planet and its oceans.

When Captain Cousteau and his crew set sail on Calypso to explore the world, no one knew yet about the effects of pollution on marine ecosystems, of over-exploitation on resources and of manmade destruction on coastal zones.

The adventures of Calypso were captured on film and drew the public’s attention to the ecological disasters caused by human negligence. Captain Cousteau, through his work and his life, was a leader in environmental awareness. He left it to the Cousteau Society and Equipe Cousteau, the two not-for-profit organizations he founded, to continue his mission.

We are receiving many requests from all over the world about honoring Captain Cousteau on his 100th anniversary. In order to respond to this outpouring of enthusiasm, we have established an approval process for commemorative events. Since Captain Cousteau left the Cousteau Society and Equipe Cousteau as exclusive beneficiaries of his name, his work and his image, any initiative that draws from that heritage must receive prior approval from the organizations legally authorized to represent it.

A simplified procedure for submitting a project for approval has been established using the form provided: Application form

Please send your projects by email to cousteau100@cousteau.org or by letter to:
Equipe Cousteau – Centenaire - 92 avenue Kléber 75016 Paris – France