Calypso Saved!

The Cousteau Society is calling all the Calypso veterans:

On the occasion of the restoration of Calypso, we wish to get together all who took part in Cousteau's adventure and Calypso's legend.

You sailed and explored the planet aboard Calypso, you are a Calypso veterans, please contact us!


Francine Cousteau, President of the Cousteau Society and sister organization Equipe Cousteau, has accomplished what may be Calypso´s most challenging voyage. Under Mrs. Cousteau´s direction, the mythical ship of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau has arrived at the Piriou Shipyard in Brittany, France, where she will be completely refurbished.

The restoration of the famous ship will take as long as a year to complete but Calypso will sail again as an ambassador for the seas and oceans, carrying the legacy of Captain Cousteau and the Cousteau flag all around the world.
The sturdy wooden minesweeper has seen many reincarnations - as a ferry, an oceanic research vessel, a television icon and a sad victim of a 1997 collision in Singapore. For the past eleven years, Mrs. Cousteau has fought to resurrect her as an inspiration for future generations and a platform for education and science. At last, the day has been won, as Calypso arrived at a shipyard that specializes in restoring historic vessels, ready to be reborn.
You can contribute to the Cousteau Society and support our efforts to continue the history of Calypso as a symbol of the legacy of Captain Cousteau.