Cousteau Society,special guest at the Cinema Planeta Environmental Film Festival

10 March 2011

Equipe Cousteau/Cousteau Society is a special guest at the third Cinema Planeta Environmental Film Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico’s “Land of Eternal Spring.” The 2011 Festival, March 11-19, is dedicated to Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau; three Cousteau films will be screened as well as a cartoon for schools participating in the event. Faustine Martinez and Noémie Stroh are representing Cousteau at the Festival.

Since it began three years ago, Cinema Planeta has pursued one goal: to generate environmental awareness through the world’s best films. Cinema Planeta is the sole initiative in Mexico that draws together the film community, scientists and the public so it has become an incontrovertible reference point for the country’s environmental agendas. More than 50 international productions are presented each year, promoting reflection and dialogue centered on themes such as sustainable development, biodiversity, climate change, natural resources and renewable energy. Alongside the screenings, the Festival hosts many events: photography and contemporary art exhibits, an open-air cinema, conferences, scientific and technological demonstrations and opportunities to meet producers.

A full schedule awaits the two Cousteau representatives. A tribute to Captain Cousteau will inaugurate the Festival on March 11. Numerous other activities have been organized, such as a round table discussion of the seas and climate, at which Faustine Martinez will speak about Captain Cousteau and the activities that the organizations he founded are carrying out today.