Conference at the Biosphere in Montreal

15 November 2010

Tarik Chekchak, Director for Science and Environment presents a conference "Marine Biodiversity: Serving and Inspiring Humanity?" at the Biosphere in Montréal.

Ever since life first appeared on our planet 3.8 billion years ago, it has thrived, on the seafloor as on the highest mountains, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Some 15 million species survive to this day. However, our lack of understanding of the interdependence of living systems has led human development in directions that jeopardize the equilibrium of the whole, driving the rapid decline of biological diversity. How can we learn from this crisis? Is it possible to design new economic and technological models by borrowing from the strategies of the living? Spin a web like a spider? Master solar energy the way plants do? Apply the management model of an old-growth forest to our businesses (or even our cities)? Generate the energy of a shark's tail? Life is 3.8 billlion years of research and development! Biodiversity may indeed have something to teach us...
Where? At the Biosphère: 160 Chemin Tour-de-l'Isle
(Parc Jean Drapeau, Jean-Drapeau Metro Station)
What time? 7 pm

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