Follow Cousteau on the oceans of Google Earth !

Cousteau movies are now visible on the new virtual oceans of Google Earth ! While exploring the coasts and oceans of the world on Google Earth, each icon of Captain Cousteau wearing his famous red hat is a new invitation to dive under the surface and discover the underwater world with the divers of The Cousteau Society!

« The decision to start a collaboration between The Cousteau Society and Google, to serve internet users all over the world, is as important as the move Captain Cousteau made, in his own time, when choosing Television. Both carry, in such an efficient way, information, education and awareness to the general public. Cousteau/Google : a natural alliance to save our water planet !».

Francine Cousteau Chairman of The Cousteau Society and of L’Equipe Cousteau

Press release :

COUSTEAU partner of GOOGLE EARTH (version 5.0)*

   Cousteau expeditions visible on the virtual oceans of Google Earth

Paris, 2nd February 2009

Google Earth is the obvious modern way for Cousteau to explore the planet and the oceans for the worldwide general public. For 50 years, Captain Cousteau chose television to show his expeditions and to allow everyone to “know, love and protect” our blue planet.

Today, Google Earth easily takes the lead with its powerful functions enabling the internet viewer to access to the most secrets locations on the planet. By linking together satellite images and videos, coming from the Cousteau film collections, Google Earth is inviting the net users to enter into the Cousteau universe. Soon, the public will have the possibility to display its own videos through Cousteau and directly update the set of aquatic images available.

Google Earth is an opportunity for Cousteau to pursue its missions for education and sensitization of the citizens of the world. Captain Cousteau’s expedition films, edited in 120 short sequences, shown on Google Earth, are due to serve that crucial goal.

Simultaneously to the launch of Google Earth version 5.0, Cousteau’s new site is on line ( Amongst other contents and functions, everyone may now check the progress which have been achieved to refurbish the Calypso and even contribute to the financing of its restoration.

In many ways, the partnership opened between Cousteau and Google Earth, including You Tube (see the Cousteauenglish and Cousteaufrance channels), is as important as the one Captain Cousteau embraced with television. Both partners address an international audience and help passing on Captain’s view that “people protect and respect what they love and to make them love the oceans, one has to entertain as well as to inform”. That’s the enthusiastic job we still do today.

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