Oceans acidification accelerates 100 times faster than natural pace!

More than 150 scientists signed the Monaco Declaration, sounding an alarm about the increasing acidity of the ocean. The Declaration states, in part, “We, the scientists who met in Monaco to review what is known about ocean acidification, declare that we are deeply concerned by recent, rapid changes in the chemistry of the oceans and their potential, within decades, to severely affect marine organisms, food webs, biodiversity, and fisheries.” The world’s marine ecosystems risk being seriously compromised by ocean acidification, barring drastic reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, the scientists warn.

Eminent oceanographers from 26 countries signed the Declaration, which is also endorsed by Prince Albert II of Monaco. The Declaration issues an urgent call for policy-makers to stabilize atmospheric CO2 “at a safe level to avoid not only dangerous climate change but also dangerous ocean acidification.”

By 2050, ocean acidification could lead to the disappearance of most coral reefs. Fish stocks would be impacted, leading to a serious problem of food security for millions of people.

“The chemistry is so basic and the changes so fast and severe that impacts on organisms appear unavoidable,” said Dr. James Orr, chair of the symposium. “The questions are now how bad will it be and how soon will it happen.”

Source: Ocean Acidification