The Opel Earth Project visits the Cousteau Society projects in Mexico.

21 July 2011

Opel/Vx will launch an expedition called “Opel Project Earth” to four of the most endangered climate zones. The expedition will enable the next generation of scientists and selected guests from all over Europe to visualize the biggest threat for nature as well as practical solutions for sustainability and conservation.

Opel Project Earth takes a group of young people on a unique journey: in cooperation with environmental protection organisations such as the WWF Canada, The Jane Goodall Institute, the Cousteau Society and the Rainforest Foundation US, the expedition which has begun in mid July will explore a national park in Africa, the Arctic, the Gulf of California and the rainforest in Panama.. The Opel Project Earth Expedition team will visit the organizations working to protect endangered habitats, and assist the scientists in their activities.

Th incredible expedition will be documented  on Facebook, on Project Earth website and Cousteau website.